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Job Seeker Witnesses Reza's Spree

FOR THE RECORD: Robert Reza's age has been corrected in this story.

By Astrid Galvan And Lloyd Jojola
Journal Staff Writers
          Carol Foulk had been on the job hunt since January. On Monday, she was at her first interview at Emcore Corp. when 37-year-old Robert Reza went on a shooting spree, killing two people and injuring four.
        One of the four was Dixie Colvin, an Emcore recruiter who was interviewing Foulk near the building's main entrance when the shooting started.
        Foulk, who was up for a position as an assembly operator, said she and Colvin had been talking and joking around for about 15 minutes when they heard the first shots.
        At first the two wrote off the sounds as something else — anything but gunshots.
        "I mean, that's not a sound you expect to hear when you're at a job interview," Foulk said Tuesday.
        But within seconds Colvin was yelling at Foulk to run for cover.
        Foulk ran into a one-stall bathroom, locked the door and called 911 on her cell. She could hear the gunman walk in the building and fire more shots.
        She heard a receptionist yell that Colvin, 58, had been shot. An emergency dispatcher instructed Foulk to stay in the bathroom. Foulk said it seemed like an eternity, but within minutes someone banged on the door. A police officer pointed a gun at Foulk and told her to leave. Her purse still on her shoulder and with no seat belt on, Foulk drove off as quickly as she could.
        She thought about Colvin and having left her there, wounded. She wondered if there's anything she could have done.
        Colvin was released from the hospital on Tuesday. A second victim who has since been released is Rodney Noble, 57, a supervisor and 10-year Emcore employee.
        His wife Karen was taking her grandson home from a dentist appointment at 11:20 a.m. Monday when she got a call from the hospital saying her husband was in the emergency room and stable. He had just been shot.
        "I wasn't near the TV at all," said Karen Noble, who knew nothing of the unfolding events. "I just thought where (did this happen)? And they said at work."
        He was shot once; an in-and-out bullet that hit his left side "rib area," Karen Noble said. He was released from the hospital later Monday.
        Rodney Noble couldn't be reached for comment, but his wife said he has not said much about what occurred. But this much he did share, his wife said:
        "He was just trying to make sure everybody was getting out. He saw the shooter and everything. ...
        "People were just running saying, 'call 911,' there was the man in the building with a gun."
        When asked if she would accept the job if it was offered to her, Foulk said it wasn't likely.
        "I think I'd experience that fear and anxiety every time I walked in."

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